Why Vacations Are Important (And Not Just Fun)

Group of friends travelling

Believe it or not, there are people who do not want to take vacations. They may say they will lag behind with their work, too busy to go, or there is not enough money to get away. They may have vacation time, but they do not want to take it, prioritizing work over a holiday.

To tell you the truth (and the obvious), it is important to take a rest for some days or a week in between intervals of your fast-paced, busy life. Vacations, specifically with family, are good for you — may it be a going on a ski trip, a beach resort staycation, or even a Mormon cruise. Don’t believe me? Here are five important reasons to ditch your desk (only for a while, don’t worry) for some time off, according to Cruise Lady:

1. Going on Holiday Makes People Happier

It reduces stress, recharges your batteries. It will ensure you go back to your work and personal life fully yourself and ready to take on anything.

2. Taking Vacations Increases Productivity

Research shows that it is not only good for an individual, but also at the work place. It shows that absenteeism at work due to illnesses is lower, after employees take vacations compared with before it. The employees can concentrate more and deliver quality work.

3. Vacations Are Good for Your Health;

Stress puts a strain on your body, bringing issues on your health. It pays to turn off the stress system, recuperate, and repair.

4. You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family

Our busy schedules make it difficult spend time with our loved ones. This may put strain on your relationship with your family. Vacations give you the chance to create valuable memories with them.

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5. You Will Be Able to Experience New Things as a Family

There’s a movie quote that goes: “Happiness is only real when shared.” New experiences with your family are what you will remember. In the end, you won’t wish you spent more time in the office. You’ll wish you spent a lot of quality time with the people important to you.