Various Types Of Snowboards

Snowboard Equipment

Would you like to float through powder? Ride rails? Cruise groomed runs? Or hammer chutes? Then you need a perfectly designed snowboard for the type of terrain that you prefer.

As a beginner, you may not want to invest in a snowboard early in the learning process, and therefore, it is a wise idea to hire ski or snowboard equipment in Vail. Always ensure that you know about the sizes, types, and shapes of snowboards in the market so that you can make an informed decision. Here are the most common types of snowboards.

1. Split Board

Split boards are best for climbing in the backcountry. These boards create two skis by dividing into halves. This allows you to climb on the untracked backcountry slopes. Later on, you can reconnect the halves and ride down the hill. This is a great design for a backcountry climber with the right skills, confidence, and knowledge to explore the unpatrolled slopes.

2. All Mountains

This snowboard is the best for any terrain or any condition. An all mountain snowboard is capable of performing on any mountain be it backcountry, groomed runs, or even park and pipe. This type of board might be directional, or it can be twin tip. Most riders go for an all mountain board. This is attributed to its versatility. All mountain boards are also the best for beginners who are still trying to find out the best terrains.

3. Freestyle

Freestyle boards are best for playful rides especially in and out of the park. They are short, light, and flexible with twin tips. Freestyle boards are suitable for riders who want to push their limits on terrains or those who want to have a quick ride on the slopes. However, freestyle boards are not good for stability or fast rides on hard snow.

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These snowboards can be the best for either beginners or experienced riders. It is wise to try them out and have a new experience. Finally, their accessibility should not worry you because you can rent or buy ski equipment in Vail that has you covered.