Three Ways to Give Your Home Character

Adding character to your home is one of the best ways to create a space that suits you. You don’t even need a big budget to do it. Here are three tips on how to give your home some character this year.

Buy handmade furniture

Pieces like handmade sofas, armchairs, and even beds make for great conversation pieces. Furniture experts Leberta explain that apart from the exquisite craftsmanship that you’ll be able to showcase to friends and family, you’re also helping furniture artisans excel in their work. Moreover, if you’re buying handmade furniture, you can collaborate with the artisans to create pieces with some of your design aesthetics incorporated. It’s a great way to add more character to your home.

Try using bold colour pallets

Perhaps one of the fastest and inexpensive ways to add character to your home is to paint your wall a bold colour. If you’re unsure, you can start with one wall and take it from there. In fact, if you’re not comfortable with a bright red wall, you can start with your front door and see how you’ll feel and how people will react. You can also try textured walls by creating a faux brick wall for your dining area or den. It’s all about going beyond the norm and adding interesting eye candies for your space.

Add some statement decorative pieces

When it comes to personalising a space, what’s bolder than using statement pieces as décor? It could be as simple as a framed artwork of your favourite vintage movie or a famous quote that you like, or even a framed map of the city. With so much design inspirations, you can have fun with simple DIY weekend projects and turn them into personal statement pieces.

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Be Bold, Be Personal

When it comes to adding character, stick to personal aesthetics and let your boldness shine through. Remember, your home should reflect the combined personalities of the people who live in it. So be bold and be personal about your design choices.