Three Businesses that Benefit from Postcards

Generic postcard

Christmas is postcards season. The months leading up to it is when families have their portraits taken, so when the time comes, they can send greetings to their friends and family. It’s not just for families, though. Businesses can also send out postcards as a promotional tool.

Veterinary Clinics

Being the doctor of a family’s pet, veterinarians are, to an extent, part of the family. You can send out veterinarian postcards from Positive Impressions, LLC to the families of the pets you’re caring for, as a way to thank them for their trust in you. You can also include your own pets in the postcard–because they are what makes your clinic a true family. It’s even better if your postcard has a clever pun or joke about pets, to make the holidays seem more cheerful.

Catering Businesses

This is also the time for businesses to look for new clients, and if you’re a catering business, you’re aware of how busy this season is for the food industry. Everyone needs good food. For families who can’t cook food fast enough for their relatives pouring in, a catering service is a good idea. Don’t forget to include your contact details on the postcard, so potential business opportunities will not pass you by.


Imagine getting a postcard with your kids in it. A pre-school can have one for each class, to be sent out to the families of the kids. How would this benefit you, you ask? It shows parents that you care about their kids and that you treat them as a family. If you want, you can send them two postcards–one with everyone in their best behavior and another with the kids in “action.”

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Postcards may just be simple greeting cards, but they make one person feel remembered and loved. And isn’t that what this season is all about?