Survival Tips for the Dorm-living Neat Freak

Dorm Life

Dorm LifeLiving with new roommates in a dorm far from home can be a challenge for the neat freak. You want everything to be in its right place and to stay tidy, giving you a pleasant sight that would welcome you after a long day in school or at work. That is the dream. But with roommates who are not as keen as you are in keeping the dormitory immaculate, how are you going to manage?

Here are some survival tips for the neat freak about to start a dorm life.

Show Them the Ways

Living in affordable student accommodation, such as LHA London‘s properties, can make it hard for you to practice your cleaning habits, as keeping your nook tidy may already come with a maintenance service fee. This may make your messy roommates care even less about leaving their dirty clothes anywhere in the room.

Whatever the situation may be, keep your own space clean. Show them how you take the time to make the bed and leave the bathroom dry after you shower. They will eventually take notice and maybe even follow your neat and tidy ways.

Talk to Them About Their Habits

You hate how they leave the laundry all over the floor. It annoys you that they always seem to forget to close the toothpaste cap after they brush. The strands of hair they leave in the sink this morning almost gave you a mini heart attack. You are running out of patience, but they do not even know, so what is the point?

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Keeping the issue to yourself changes nothing. Instead of seething with pent-up anger, bring it up to your roommates and be honest about how you feel about their habits. Who knows, doing so may change their ways and bring you new friends.

Keep Your Personal Stash Away From The Messy Roommates

Sometimes, you have to accept that no matter how hard you try to maintain cleanliness, the roommates just would not co-operate. If that is the case, then save your tidiness (and sanity) by keeping your personal belongings away from the grubby roommates. Choose which items you cannot stand to see in a less-than-immaculate condition, and hide them away from their sight.

Dorm living is not easy for the neat freak with messy roommates, but it does not mean you cannot survive it. Try these tips out and come out clean, sane and alive.