Skiing: Originally A Form Of Transportation, Now A Sport That Promotes Good Health

Skiers Posing For A Photo

The word "ski" means a split piece of wood and comes from the Old Norse word "skíð." According to research, skiing dates back to 5000 B.C. and was initially used for transport until the 1800s. It was only after the 18th century that people saw it as a form of recreational sport. Skiing vacations then gained popularity in the 1900s and have kept its fame until today.

Interesting Facts About Ski

  1. Skiing is the only word in the dictionary, with a double "i" smack in the middle.
  2. This is one of the only non-motorized land sports that are extremely fast.
  3. The first snowboard named "snurfer" meant a surfboard used on snow.
  4. According to statistics, it is possible to ski faster than you can drive. The world record is held by Simone Origone and his speed was recorded at 156.2 miles per hour.

Health Benefits of Skiing

Skiing has many benefits, even more than you can imagine. Why not head over to a ski shop in Vail and invest in a more active and happier future? Read this to convince you more:

  • Skiing improves your flexibility, which helps avoid muscle sprains and strains. It helps you burn calories and is also a great cardiovascular workout. 
  • Skiing requires you to balance on the slopes, which teaches you to avoid slips and falls. 
  • As skiing is a full body workout, it promotes deep sleep. 
  • Although it's tiring, your bones and joints become stronger every time you ski. Your lower body muscles get the most gain. 
  • Skiing promotes healthy eating habits. Before a long day of skiing, you need to eat a nutritious breakfast. You will also want to recharge with a healthy lunch and a recovery dinner. 
  • Aside from these health benefits, skiing allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors. You also gain exposure to vitamin D, which boosts your mood. 
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Skiing is more than just a means of transportation today. You can also have fun while riding the slopes, promoting a healthier sport that will give many benefits to your mind and body.