Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas for Winter

a couple at a ski holiday

With this year’s winter season gearing up to be one of the coldest in recent history, going away for a romantic weekend is a great way to stay warm with your loved one.

From basking in the breathtaking mountain views to soaking up the sun, these weekend winter getaway ideas are perfect for couples who want to get cozy and celebrate each other’s company. Here are some romantic getaways to brighten those winter blues.

Life’s a Beach

Whether it’s Aruba, Jamaica, or Bermuda, you can take your pretty mama to amazing yet affordable beach destinations without breaking the bank. With the advent of Airbnb, too, travelers now have budget-friendly options when going abroad. That said, you can travel to sunny shores this winter season to enjoy the sand and surf with your significant other by your side.

Choose a beach destination like the Bahamas for visa-free travel, and take advantage of your Airbnb’s kitchen for romantic, home-cooked meals.

Ski and Snuggle

For the more adventurous couple, consider taking a ski or snowboard vacation and shred those mountains for fun. And after your ski adventure, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while reveling in the beauty of nature. Just remember to snuggle up by a warm fireplace when it gets too cold!

Lessen the stress of preparations by choosing a resort with online booking. Hideaways like Chestnut Mountain Resort have online bookings that make preparing for your weekend getaway even more convenient.

Wine and Dine

Getting drunk on love and wine is one of the most fun ways to stay warm this winter season. Book a tour of the wine country and marvel at the process of wine-making, maybe even join a grape picking activity, before enjoying the fruits of your labor. Most wine country tours also have amazing restaurants for you and your partner to enjoy 5-star food from top chefs.

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Celebrating love and life with your significant other this winter season can be fun and affordable, and a great way to rekindle the flame.