Points of Comparison Between Diamond and Moissanite

Engagement RingWhen choosing an engagement ring to propose with, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what gemstone the ring contains. Two popular options are diamond and moissanite. While these two stones have notable similarities, they also have differences which include the durability, color, price, and brilliance. If you are currently considering the two options, here are some points of comparison to help you choose which one to buy.


It’s common knowledge that diamond is the toughest mineral in the world. That’s why using the Mohs Scale of hardness, it is the only mineral that has a perfect score of 10. Moissanite doesn’t lag too much, though, with 9.25 as its score. In short, diamond wins in durability but moissanite is not at all bad.


Diamonds are practically colorless. You will actually see no trace of color. This is what sets diamonds apart from other stones like moissanite, which is also colorless but can give off yellowish and grayish hues especially when exposed to high levels of brightness. The diamond is by far classier because of its dazzling white and bright appearance, but moissanite isn’t far behind.


According to MoissaniteCo.com, the cost of moissanite vs. diamonds is often the criteria that determines which is the best option for an engagement ring. Because diamond is rarer than moissanite, it costs more. If you can afford a diamond, there’s no reason to not choose it. If you can’t, moissanite is definitely the best alternative you have. They come in much cheaper prices but are still considered precious.


Moissanites have rainbow-like flashes that resemble a disco ball light when exposed to sunlight. Diamonds reflect light by dispersion, brilliance, and scintillation, which makes it sparkle like no other stone can. Most people prefer the brilliance of diamonds, but moissanites also have a certain appeal for other people.

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Take your time in choosing the best gemstone so you can propose with a lovely ring and get the “yes” you so desire.