Know Your Veterinarians: Kinds of Veterinary Specialists

Vet with her patient

For most people, it is easy to assume that veterinarians can cure a wide range of diseases that pets or farm animals suffer. However, veterinarians also boast of different specializations, much like your average hospital doctor. Here’s some general information on the kinds of veterinarians you are most likely to encounter in your locale.

By specialty

Just like physicians, veterinarians focus on the different physical and behavioral aspects of animal health. Think of the specializations of the doctors at your local hospital: there is always an equivalent for that in animal health care. Some become anesthesiologists, while others’ forte is dermatology or dentistry. Others, meanwhile, focus on internal medicine, treating diseases concerning the five senses. The list goes on.

By animal type

Veterinarians do not only treat dogs or cats; they actually specialize in caring for different animal families. V, veterinarians can choose to specialize in 10 areas as monitored by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). Among these specializations are mammals, dairy and beef cattle, birds, horses, pigs, and reptiles.

By organization role

Veterinarians vary in the tasks they perform in an organization. They could be one of the staff veterinarians, specializing in a major or minor area, or an assistant to a senior veterinarian. In a larger hospital for animals, some veterinarians serve as general managers, whose responsibility encompasses both customer-facing and administrative duties. They may also have to manage staff and oversee the wise use of the organization’s budget.

It is important to note that the variety of veterinarian roles depend on how big or small a practice is. Either way, veterinary clinics should not scrimp on marketing their business. Custom promotional products for veterinarians are available through digital design and printing companies for businesses who would like to extend their reach.

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