Four-Year-Olds: What Milestones Can You Expect?

Four-Year-Old Kids with Their Teacher

There’s no doubt children grow up very fast. By the time they’re one, they should already know how to walk. By two, their curiosity and activeness go through the roof. But what happens when they turn four?

1. Motor Skills

Four-year-olds tend to be more independent. It could be because their motor skills are more defined and broad. For example, their balance is already great. This means they can not only stand and walk but also run and hop. They can even stand on one foot for a few seconds. They can already grasp objects more firmly, which means they can explore better.

The development of motor skills means they can play more often. In fact, children these ages can spend hours having fun and playing. In turn, play improves their creativity, health, and social skills.

2. Heightened Memory

Children begin to recall memories by age 3. Expectedly, when they turn four, they can remember shapes and people’s faces. They can now count at least up to ten. As parents, you can already teach them basic information like their full name.

3. Better Speech

With a better memory and cognitive skill, they will also have a clearer speech pattern. They can pronounce simple words and carry a conversation. They can form simple and complex sentences.

4. Behavior

Four-year-olds are more open to socialization. They love to make friends and are eager to talk and share stories. While these are great, you also need to be cautious. This could mean they are more receptive to strangers. They may also feel the pressure of pleasing other children.

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Children’s development can vary, but these milestones are still important to know. You and the doctor can use them to determine if your child is growing up properly. You can also remedy issues before they get worse. If your child has a speech problem, the doctor may recommend games by SpeechTails for articulation therapy.