Exploring Singapore District by District

Singapore city at night

Singapore may be small, yet the island-state surely knows how to make good use of its space. Wherever you go, you will find cool places to visit here in Singapore.

To give you a good idea of where to go when you want to experience all that the Lion City has to offer, you can take a look at the guide below.

Remnants of the British

When you hail from the West, you can start in the Colonial District of Singapore for familiar surroundings. You can find remnants of British rule to the sides of the vast Padang lawn. You can also find modern establishments such as museums, beautiful parks, large churches, and world-famous hotels.

Imprints of Modernity

Aside from the Colonial District for familiar sights, you can head on over to the Marina Bay. The Bay hosts a multitude of shopping, dining, and nightlife options. You can find more museums here, as well as adult entertainment in the form of casinos.

A Paradise of Fun

Do you want even more shopping, dining, and nightlife options? You can bring yourself to Sentosa island to busy yourself. You can also find beaches, attractions, amusement parks, museums, and a multitude of other offerings there.

When visiting Sentosa, you may have to split your vacation time between the exploration of Singapore and Sentosa.

Marks of India

Now, for a predominantly Chinese country, you may be surprised to find an Indian minority in Singapore. Just as how the Chinese have their Chinatown, the Indians also have their own place – Little India.

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You can immerse yourself in Indian culture, music, cuisine, and more in Little India, although the district used to house Europeans and Eurasians.

Homes of the Chinese

Since we mentioned Chinatown, you may want to head there as well. You can find cheap souvenirs in the district. Hawker food stalls also fill the streets of the place. You can find other attractions such as temples and other historical sites as well.

The guide above even fails to cover the entirety of Singapore. You can simply start your exploration with the areas above.