Discover Singapore: Tourist Attractions of the City-State

Singapore skyline at the Marina during twilight

Primarily known as a global business hub, people often tend to overlook the island city-state of Singapore as a tourist destination. This shouldn’t be the case for long, however, as many foreign travellers are now discovering what this small yet dynamic nation has to offer.

Festivals and events

A multi-cultural city-state, the nation commemorates various festivals including the Spring Lantern Festival (Chinese), the Festival of Lights (Indian) and the Hari Raya Puasa (Malay).

As for New Year’s Day, all ethnic communities in Singapore celebrate it, with festivities often involving countdown parties on New Year’s Eve. Additionally, people can look forward to world-class sporting events such as the Formula 1 and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals held regularly.

Food courts

Although there are many fine dining restaurants on the island nation, eating at food courts or hawker centres, is probably the best and most practical way to experience the local food scene.

At these food places, you can try a wide selection of food – from the popular satay bee hoon, chicken or duck rice, and fish porridge to fried carrot cake – at very affordable prices. If you happen to travel there in July, be sure to check out the annual Singapore Food Festival as well.

Shopping districts

Whether you’re looking for high-end shops or thrift stalls, there is always a place you can go. There are malls hosting designer and luxury brands, and flea markets offering unique but less expensive finds.

Fashion items (clothes, bags, and accessories), jewellery, and home décor are just some of the most common goods sold at these two kinds of shopping centres. Of course, there is also an island-wide event (June-July) dedicated to shopping – The Great Singapore Sale!

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Festivals, food centres and shopping places are just three of the things that Singapore has to offer. You need to discover the rest on your own when you get there.