Cool Things To Do In Vail, Colorado

State Entrance of Colorado

Vail is a small municipality in the state of Colorado that is starting to become a popular tourist destination as an alternative to Aspen. The great thing about this small town is that it has a lot of activities that people can do all throughout the year, which sustains the local economy even in off seasons.

Are you going to go to Vail anytime soon? You may do these activities there.

Try out cross country skiing

Well, Vail is famous for being a ski town, so you will not be able to experience the full Vail experience if you do not try out any of their ski options. One option is to try out cross-country skiing, which is a subcategory of the sport that is reliant on their own locomotion instead of ski lifts.

The great thing is you do not need to spend money in bringing your ski gear to Vail. Instead, you may avail of the ski rental here in Vail, CO.

Figure skating is a must-try in Vail

Skiing is not the only snow-related sport that is famous in Vail. Ice skating has also become a go-to activity during the town’s winter season. In fact, there are ice skating rinks in the actual village and Lionshead.

Go on a spa session

With an extremely cold weather like in Vail, it is only natural that there is a vibrant spa scene in town. It will help your body adjust to the cold temperatures too.

Experience quality dining in the middle of the Rockies

You may think that a small town in the mountains would not have a culinary scene, but it actually has a diverse set of restaurants and diners.

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Above all, do not forget to patronize local businesses over chains. This way, you are helping build up the local entrepreneurial spirit.