An Adventurer’s Guide to Unusual Places in the UK

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk

What most people consider as getting into an adventure is actually just hopping from one tourist spot to another for some. If you are really up for adventure, there are destinations that are off the beaten path. These places offer you a glimpse of the historical, the bizarre, and the obscure.

If you think you have to venture out of the UK to have a life-changing travel experience, think again. Here are a few unusual spots an adventurer like you can visit.

Highgate Cemetery

Looking for scary ghost walks in the UK? One of the creepiest cemeteries in London, Highgate, was once the venue for stake-carrying vampire hunters and duelling magicians. Established in 1839 and was originally part of London’s “Magnificent Seven” park cemeteries, the location is the final resting place for personalities like Karl Marx and sci-fi author Douglas Adams. If you are up for even more creeps, you can also add in your itinerary the Bodmin Jail, where you can see the Cornish penal life over the centuries, says

The Bells of St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate

The historical church bells are made famous in the nursery rhyme “Oranges and Lemons.” The St. Sepulchre’s bells must have given chills to people who have passed them for several centuries as it stood opposite the Newgate Prison. Its tolls marked the time of impending executions.

Dr. John Snow’s water pump

On Broadwick Street, WI, on the edge of Soho, you can still see the original water pump that facilitated the spread of the terrible cholera outbreak of 1854. Dr. Snow, an obstetrician and a curious scientific thinker, had long believed that water contaminated by sewage was the cause of cholera. He was able to trace the area’s numerous cholera deaths to contaminated water from this source. His actions were one of the very first evidence-based efforts to control an epidemic.

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Go ahead and try to visit the three places. You surely would not regret your decision.