Accommodation Data Reflects Strong Baguio Tourism for 9-Month Period

Beautiful Bedroom Interior

Statistics from accommodation providers, such as the affordable boutique hotel in Baguio Casa Vallejo Hotel, showed that a total of 1,013,704 tourists went to the city between January and September 2017.

That number represented an increase of 115,100 people from the same period in 2016. Aside from different hotels, the statistics used data from resorts, apartelles, pension houses and tourism inns.

Board and Lodging

The increase could have been higher. The data excluded information from alternative accommodation providers. These could have included transient homes, dormitories, serviced apartments and private residences. Still, the City Tourism Office said that the 13% increase in tourists was beneficial for local businesses in the summer capital.

During the nine-month period, the peak months for tourism comprised April and May with 143,966 and 133,343 tourist arrivals, respectively. However, the biggest tourism growth happened in January and February. Arrivals rose 33.25% and 23.59%, respectively.

Foot Traffic

Filipinos from other parts of the country accounted for most of the visitors in the city with almost 977,499 people. Foreigners also hailed from different continents. In the Asia-Pacific region, the common patrons included Australians, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and Singaporeans. The data also included Canadian and British tourists. Those from the Middle East came from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Americans comprised the largest group of foreign tourists in Baguio. This is for the first nine months. During the same period, the city hosted almost 2,000 conferences that brought more than 746,000 participants. These business events helped stimulate the tourism industry whether they came to Baguio for pleasure or work.

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The increase in tourists in Baguio indicated that the city remains a favorite destination for locals and foreigners. This is not only good for the local economy, but also for jobs and livelihood sources. When do you plan to spend a vacation in Baguio?