5 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting Israel

Skyline of Jerusalem, IsraelOver the last decade, millions of Christians and tourists alike have journeyed to the land of Bible to witness and experience history first-hand. With its beautiful sights, Israel provides many ways for its visitors to make their tour more memorable. Here are some tour suggestions to help take your trip to a whole new level:

Acre (Akko)

Located on the northern coast of the country’s plain region, the city of Acre provides a variety of cultural influences that inhabited the place throughout the whole of its history. From the European Crusaders to the Ottoman Empire, the city has been carved with interesting and culturally rich civilization visible in almost every corner. Enjoy a romantic walk along the city’s stunning port and enjoy a good meal to one of the local restaurants around.

Nazareth (Natsrat)

Right down the Galilee region, you’ll find the holy city of Nazareth. The place is most well known as the birthplace and home of Jesus Christ. In addition to its great religious value, the sacred site offers interesting archaeology showcasing a totally different charm from its Middle Eastern origin.


Considered to be the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem unites some of the biggest religions — Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Visitors from all parts of the world, including those who are in LDS Israel vacation tour, may wander around and enjoy the divine beauty of this place. Hailed as the greatest pillar of beliefs, Jerusalem is definitely worth the visit.

Dead Sea (Yam Hamelakh)

Also known to be as the “Salt Sea,” this next destination claims to be the lowest point on earth with 420 meters below the sea level. Local and foreign tourists have fun floating around the lake, but aside from that the site also holds significant historical value. Biblically, it served as a refuge for King David and was said to be the very first healing resort for King Herod.

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Tel Aviv

Situated on the country’s Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv-Yafo is the capital and major city in Israel. Known to be the financial and technological hub of the country, it provides a wonderful experience for visitors who want to experience the traditional and modern charm of Israel. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the beaches, colorful nightlife, unique culinary adventure, and many more tour adventures to try.

Never miss the fun and excitement when you’re Israel. Create an impact to your Israel travel plans by including these suggestions on your must-see list.